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June 27, 2014


Sub : Revision in Criteria for Shifting Scrips to/from Trade for Trade Segment

The scrips in Trade for Trade segment are made available for trading under BE or BT series.
The settlement of scrips available in this segment is done on a trade for trade basis and no
netting off is allowed. Currently, the surveillance action whereby scrips are transferred for
trading and settlement on a trade-to-trade basis is reviewed at periodic intervals viz
fortnightly and quarterly. These criteria for shifting scrips to/from Trade for Trade segment
are decided jointly by the stock exchanges in consultation with SEBI and reviewed
With a view to rationalize the criteria of shifting of scrips to/from Trade for Trade Segment
and to bring it in line with the current market dynamics, SEBI and Stock Exchanges after
deliberation and discussions have decided to revise the criteria and periodicity for trade for
trade review. Henceforth ,the process of identifying the scrips for moving to/from Trade to
Trade will be done on a monthly basis (along with the price band review process, which too
shall be done on a Monthly basis instead of Bi-monthly basis), based on the following

 Kindly refer to the circular.

I guess the exchange is going in for high pe stocks.It should also go and hound stocks having negative pe which doesnt find any mention in the notice.

Anyways time will tell whether the circular is progressive or regressive.You be the judge

read the circular here


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